To use a Library Computer and/or other resources that are restricted to campus only computers.



Step-by-step guide

When accessing remote resources, if you are prompted for a username/password, you will use your full campus email address and password

Step 1: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop 

Important Note:  If you have a Windows computer you do NOT need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop.

For Apple and Chromebook computers  you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application within your App Store, such as Apple App Store for Mac or Google Play for Chromebooks.  Use the links below for your device, the app icon should look exactly the same, please send a support request with a screenshot of the app if you are unsure to 

Link for Apple: 

Apple: (Name: Microsoft Remote Desktop)

Link for Chromebook:

Chromebook: (Name: Remote Desktop)

Step 2: Apple/Mac Configuration 

Open the Remote Desktop Application after you have it installed. Once it opens, click on the 'Workspaces' tab then click 'Add Workspace'

Next, in the dialog that comes up, type in exactly,

then click 'Add'

It will now ask for a username/password, within this dialog type in your full campus email address and your password then click 'Continue'

Once you successfully login, all the resources available to you will be shown. You can now double-click on any resource to launch, the below image is an example, you might not have access to these exact resources.

Reminder: For any username/password dialog boxes, enter your full campus email address and password.

Step 3: Chromebook Configuration 

Step 4: Windows Access 

For Microsoft Windows, you didn't need to install any apps. Just navigate to  in your web browser and login with your campus email address and password.

After you login, if you get any other prompts for a username/password use your full campus email address and password.

Click on the resource you need to access 

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