For faculty who use the Sonis as their gradebook for all assignments.  



Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Access Attendance

Login into Sonis and select 'Attendance' under Course Management.   

Step 2: Select Course

Select the correct 'School Year', 'Semester', and 'Course'.  Allow the system to load the course. 

Scroll down the page and click on 'INPUT ATTENDANCE'.

Step 3: Input Attendance

Select 'All Dates' and then select the 'Date'

Present will automatically be selected.  Make your attendance selections and then click 'Submit'.

Step 3: Revise Attendance - Entire Class

To change the date of an entire class to a different date, select 'CHANGE DATE OF CLASS'. 

Select 'All Dates' and select the correct date from the 'Change To' drop down.  Click on 'Submit' when finished.  Close window.

Step 3: Revise Attendance - Individual Student

On the Attendance page select the student name from the roster.

On this page, there are two options. 

  1. Enter A New Attendance Record
  2. Delete an Existing Attendance Record

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