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For faculty who use the Sonis as their gradebook for all assignments.  



Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Access Gradebook

Login into Sonis and select 'Gradebook' under Course Management.   

Step 2: Access Section Setup

Select the correct 'School Year', 'Semester', and 'Course'.  Allow the system to load the course. 

Step 3: Input Scores/Grades

Select the course and click on 'INPUT SCORES'

Select the 'Weighting Element' from the drop down.  Type the 'Possible Score' of 100.  Type in a 'Score Desc.'  The 'Short Desc. is optional.

Type in scores when done select 'INPUT SCORES'.

Step 4: Browse Grade to Post to Student Records

After every assignment/exam/quiz/ATI grading element has been inputted into the Gradebook you must post grades to student records.  This will allow student to view their current grade and average.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'POST GRADES TO STUDENTS RECORDS'

***Do not check the box to 'Final Grade' (this step is only when all grades have been posted and need to be made official).

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