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Graduating or leaving the school? Follow this guide to transfer all your GSuite data to a personal Google Account.



You must have a personal Google (Gmail) Account to continue

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Login to Campus Email

Open up a web browser and navigate to . Login using your Campus Account

Step 2: Open your Account Settings

Click on our logo and/or your profile/account picture, then, on the menu that just opened, select 'Manage your Google Account'

Step 3: Click Data and Personalization

Within the Google Account section, click on 'Data and Personalization'.

Step 4: Transfer your Content

When the 'Data and Personalization' section opens, click on 'Start Transfer' under the 'Transfer your content' section.

Step 5: Enter Destination Account Email

Once the 'Transfer your content' wizard opens, fill out the 'Email Address' section with your personal Gmail address then click 'Send Code'.

Step 6: Verify Account Ownership

Login to the destination Gmail mailbox and get the code that was sent, then come back and fill in the verification code section, and then click 'Verify'

Step 7: Select Content and Transfer

Select the content you wish to transfer using the on/off sliders then click 'Start Transfer'

The process might take a while depending on how much data you have but in the end you will receive a notification when the transfer is complete. You do not need to stay on the progress page.