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There are different ways to share your videos in your media library. It depends on who you are sharing with and where



Step-by-step guide

Table of Contents

A Web Link (Students, Staff and/or others)

Using a web link to share your media is a simple process.

  • Login to Techsmith Relay

           Navigate to and login using your Campus Account

  • Locate your Recording

           After you have logged in, locate your recording and click anywhere on the video to view it.

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  • Change Privacy Settings

           When the video opens to view, click on the 'Privacy' button


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If you are a student posting an assignment, choose 'Only users from your organization'


          This doesn't mean the video is publicly searchable by anyone on the web, it just means anyone you share the link with can view the video without having to login.


  • Copy Link to Video

           Within your web browser's address bar, locate and select the entire URL displayed, it will always start with , after you have selected it, right-click the select copy.


  • Share your URL

           You can now paste this link and post it in a discussion forum, assignment and/or even email the link. You can test the link by opening a different web browser and pasting the link to open the video.

  • Complete

           If you want to stop sharing your video, just go back and 'Change Privacy Settings' to 'Private'

An Activity in Moodle (Faculty and/or Staff)

If you are a teacher and you wish to share your video with your class, the easiest method is to add a new 'Techsmith Relay' activity to your course.

  • Login to Moodle

  • Turn Editing On

          After you have logged into Moodle, navigate to the class where you wish to post your recording and turn editing on


  • Add the Techsmith Relay Activity

          Click the 'Add an activity or resource' link within the week or section then within the dialog box, choose 'Techsmith Relay'


  • Name the Activity

          After you click Add, you will be prompted with the page below. The only item you need to update is 'Activity name'. Type in a name that identifies this recording such as 'Lecture 101 - New Beginnings' then click 'Save and display'


  • Choose your Recording

           Locate your recording you wish to share and click 'Add Media', you can also 'Add Folder' if you wish to share multiple recordings in a single activity

  • Complete

           You have successfully shared your media

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