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  1. Recently change your password?
  2. Does your devices support the latest wireless standards?
  3. Connected but receiving a certificate error?


  1. Remove the remembered wireless connection and add again by selecting the network and logging in again.
  2. You might need a usb adapter that supports 5Ghz networks.
  3. Just click accept, trust, or continue in the prompts. The certificate will read either,, or

Mac Specific

If you recently changed your password and unlike Windows computers, some versions of Mac OSX do not prompt to reenter your password after a change. Follow the below instructions to delete the wireless profile and then follow the steps in the section entitled ‘Apple OSX’ to re-add it.

Click on the wireless icon and select 'Open Network Preferences'

On the left side make sure Wi-Fi is selected and then choose Advanced in the lower-right side of the window

In the list shown scroll until you find SHP_CAMPUS and then select it. Once it is selected click the – to delete the profile. Click OK when finished and then re-add the profile using the instructions in the section entitled ‘Apple OSX’.