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Download the classic recorder to record your lectures. 



Step-by-step guide

Techsmith Relay is already installed on all campus computers, faculty, staff, and classrooms. You just need to launch the desktop icon.

Step 1: Login to Techsmith Relay

Go to and use your Campus Account to login.

Step 2: Download Classic Recorder

  • Click on the gear
  • Select 'Download Classic Recorder'


  • Select Windows or Mac install

  • Follow the install prompts
  • Click on 'Install'

  • Click 'Finish'


Step 3: Launch Classic Recorder

  • Click on the 'TechSmith Relay' icon located on the desktop
  • Click on Log In and use your Campus Account to login

Step 4:  Recorder Settings

  • Click on 'Camera' to select your screen 
  • Type in a title 
  • Click on 'Record' when ready

Step 5:  Submit Recording

  • Click on 'Submit' and go to your library to edit 

Sharing Techsmith Relay Recordings