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How to use Teams to do a video call or audio call with users. 



You will need a web camera installed to use the video functions. 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1:  Download/Install Teams

Follow the steps on this page

Teams - Install

Step 2:  Log into Teams

To login into Teams you will use your Campus Account

Open Teams

Type in your email and Moodle/Sonis password

Step 3:  Video/Audio Call

Click on 'Chat' on the menu bar located on the left hand side.

Select 'Contacts' and select user.  If user is not listed go to the 'Search or type a command' on top menu and search the person of interest.

Once the person has been select click on the 'Video' icon to start a video chat.

For Audio Call click on the 'Phone' icon.

Step 4:  Share Screen

To share your desktop screen with a user click on the 'Screen' icon.

Step 5:  Add Users

To add additional users to the conference call select the 'People' icon.

Installation or sign in issues?

If you're having an issue with installing office please submit a ticket,

If you have not already installed Office 365, follow this guide then come back to this page.