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Need access to your group share files and folders while working remotely?



Step-by-step guide


Your login credentials will be the same login you use for your office computer when working remotely, NOT your eTenet account.

Step 1: Install Citrix Receiver

If you already have the Citrix Receiver installed then you can skip to Step 2

Click the link for the computer you will be using,



Within the download page, choose the option that says either, 

"Download Receiver for Windows" or "Download Receiver for Mac"

Once the file downloads, install it by double-clicking the file and following the prompts. The Citrix Receiver plugin is now installed.

Restart your computer before proceeding to Step 2

Step 2: Open the Citrix Portal

Navigate to , remember, use your SATX or desktop login credentials even though it says ""

Step 3: Open Shared Drives

After you have logged in, you should have a page similar to the below, you might have more or less but everyone will have "BHS My Shared Drives"

Go ahead now and click on the "BHS My Shared Drives" icon circled above. Once it opens you will be presented with various popups, go ahead and click 'Ok' and the 'X' buttons to close them out.

You should now have your shared drives open as pictured below, take note, you will also see your own drives listed of the computer you are accessing Citrix from. You can now click any of the shares just as if you were at your office computer.

When you are finished accessing your drives, just close out of the windows.

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