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Need to copy files to and from your group shares while working remotely?



Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Open Remote Group Shares

Click here on how to do that, Remote Access - Group Shares , then come back and resume at Step 2

Step 2: Find Your Drives

Within the 'BHS My Shared Drives' application window, locate your personal computers disk drives, they will be labeled like the below, not necessarily exactly the same but they will say 'Local Disk'. Click on the + and - symbols to expand and collapse. If you are new to browsing disk drives, your Desktop, Documents, and other folders will be located under 'C:\Users' your personal username on the device '\Desktop'. For example, if my name when I login to Windows on my personal device is 'John' then my Documents folder will be at 'C:\Users\John\Documents'

Step 3: Copy/Paste Your Files

DO NOT 'Cut', 'Move', and/or 'Drag and Drop' folders to and from the groupshares. ALWAYS 'Copy/Paste'

Once you have located the files, in either place, you are copying from the groupshare to your local machine or you are copying from your local machine to the groupshare, the process is the same as any other copy/paste function.

Just right-click the files/folders and select 'Copy' then browse to where you want them placed and choose 'Paste'

Step 4: Reminder

If you copied files from the groupshares to work on locally don't forget to copy them back so that when you get back into the office your files are there.

Remote Access - Group Shares