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Need to record your lectures or have an assignment where you need to record a presentation?



Step-by-step guide

Techsmith Relay is already installed on all campus computers, faculty, staff, and classrooms. You just need to launch the desktop icon.

Login to Techsmith Relay

Click here to login to Techsmith Relay, , you will use your Campus Account to login.

Launch Recorder

  • To get started, click the Launch Capture button in the TechSmith Relay website


  • The first time you launch TechSmith Capture, the Launching TechSmith Capture webpage opens. Click the Download button to download the application.


  • After the download is complete, look in your web browser or system Downloads folder for the .exe file (Windows) or .dmg file (Mac). Here's what it looks like in Google Chrome on Windows, for example:


  • After you've installed the app, it only takes a few seconds, return to the TechSmith Relay website and click Launch Capture again. The Launching TechSmith Capture webpage will open, and the TechSmith Capture application will launch after the 5-second countdown is complete.


Set up a Webcam Recording (optional)

TechSmith Capture can record full-frame webcam video. This feature is great for personal intro videos or to show off a bit of your human side between slides. You can record a webcam-only video, or toggle back and forth between webcam and screen content during recording.

  • Select a Webcam
  1. Enable the Webcam option.

  2. Choose a webcam from your list of available devices.
    TechSmith Capture Enable Webcam

Note: If you don’t see your webcam in the list of available devices, make sure your webcam is on and connected to your computer.

Record Your Screen

TechSmith Capture records all screen action on a single monitor, or a region of the screen. This is great for recording slideshows, websites, or anything else you can show on a computer screen. 

  • Select a Screen Area to Record
  1. Click Record.
    TechSmith Capture Record Button
  2. Yellow crosshairs appear. Click and drag to select the desired area on the screen.
    Region selection of a slideshow

Tip: On Windows, to quickly select your entire screen to record, click the Fullscreen button near the top of your screen. 
Fullscreen button at the top of a computer screen'

  1. If you have the Webcam option enabled, your webcam displays in the capture area.
    TechSmith Capture Webcam Preview
  2. Before or during recording, click the webcam icon to toggle the webcam on or off. Keep in mind that what you see on your screen is what will be recorded in your final video.
    TechSmith Capture Webcam Icon
  3. When ready, click the Record button. 
    TechSmith Capture Record Button

Note: If you need to re-select the screen area before recording, click the Start Over button.
Start Over Button

Note: If you need to cancel the screen area before recording, click the Cancel button. 
Cancel Button

Capture Audio

Audio is a crucial part of any video. TechSmith Capture can capture system audio and audio from a single microphone.

  • Select a Microphone
  1. Choose a microphone from your list of available devices.
    Select a microphone
  2. If you need to toggle your microphone on or off during recording, click the microphone icon.
    Microphone on and off

  • System Audio

  1. To record the audio that you hear playing back on your computer, enable the Record System Audio button. Note that you can record both system audio and narration from a single microphone at the same time.
    System audio button

Pause and Stop Your Recording

  • To take a short break while making your video, use the Pause button to temporarily stop recording.
    Pause button

  • When you're ready to begin again, click the Record button to resume.
    Resume Recording

  • When you're all done recording, click the Stop button.
    Stop Button


  • During recording, the recording controls may be displayed on a second monitor, if you have one.
  • If you record full-screen on a single monitor, look for the mini-controls in the lower-right corner of your screen to pause, resume, toggle your webcam, etc.
  • Mini controls when recording full screen

Preview Your Recording

After you finish recording your video, it opens in the Preview Window for you to play back. We recommend at least checking to make sure you've captured audio at a sufficient volume. From here, you can Upload your video to TechSmith Relay, or Cancel your recording if it didn't turn out quite right.

Upload or Cancel

Additional Notes

  • Locate the TechSmith Capture App

If you have multiple windows open on your desktop and are having trouble locating TechSmith Capture, check your taskbar (Windows) or dock (Mac) for a yellow TechSmith Capture icon. Clicking this icon should bring TechSmith Capture to the front of your open apps and windows.

Taskbar icon

  • Update TechSmith Capture

When a new version of TechSmith Capture is available, it will download and install silently in the background. If you ever want to be sure you have the latest version, use the Download option from the launch tab, and re-install the app from your Downloads folder.

Download and update TechSmith Capture

Sharing Techsmith Relay Recordings