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Step-by-step guide

These are the settings needed in order to pair the Moodle Mobile App with our Campus Moodle

Download the mobile app from either Google Play or Apple Store

Search for and install 'Moodle' published by 'Moodle Pty Ltd.'. Ensure you install this app and not one from another publisher.



Pair with our campus moodle system

Within the app, type in and press Connect

Login through your mobile browser prompt

Press OK, it will automatically open your web browser on your Mobile device

Sign In using your Single Sign-On credentials

Type in your username and password then press 'Sign In'. You will be redirected back to the Mobile App

and that's it! Your in.

Important Information

Your logon session within the app will expire if you are inactive for so many days and/or if the app has been upgraded. The app will prompt you to sign back in but you do not need to re-enter the url.