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How to Join a Google Hangouts Meeting



Step-by-step guide

Support Browsers

You must be using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Meeting Information

You should have received an email with your meeting details, it will look like the below.

The meeting url and meeting dial-in phone numbers will be displayed.

Step 2: Join the Meeting

Click the link 'Join Hangouts Meet' or the url under 'Meeting ID'. You can also type them into your web browser.

Once the meeting opens, you may be asked permission to access your computer's microphone and webcam if available.

Google Chrome: Click 'Allow' as pictured

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox will ask you twice if you also have a webcam.

You have now successfully joined the meeting.

Step 3: Optional Join Dial-in Conference

If your computer does not have a microphone and if you will be talking to other participants you can join by phone. Within the meeting invite, locate the 'Phone Numbers' section.

Dial the phone number listed and enter the 'Pin' as the Meeting ID and/or PIN if asked.

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