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How to add the official Academic Calendar to your GSuite Calendar



Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Login to Campus Email

Open up a web browser and navigate to . Login using your Campus Account

Step 2: Open your Calendar

Click the dots cube at the upper-right side of the page next to our logo and your profile/account

On the menu that just opened, select 'Calendar'

Step 3: Add Other Calendar

On the left-side menu under 'Other Calendars' section, click the + symbol to add a calendar and choose 'From URL'

Step 4: Fill out Details

In the 'URL of calendar' box fill in then choose 'Add Calendar'

Step 5: Go Back to Calendar

Go back to your calendar page, the Academic Calendar will be listed in the 'Other calendars' section and all the Academic Calendar events will be displayed on your calendar. The calendar events are read-only.