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How to install and/or use Respondus Lockdown Browser



Step-by-step guide

Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser is only required on personal devices. Campus Lab Computers already have it installed.

If your computer is running Windows in S Mode then you will need to switch off S Mode before proceeding. See here for Windows 10 and here for Windows 11

Quiz Requires Lockdown Browser

If you click on a quiz and a message is displayed like below

You will need to continue to follow the below guide.

Step 1: Download Lockdown Browser

Click on the quiz in your course and from the message that is displayed below, follow the instructions to 'Download LockDown Browser'.

If you already have Lockdown Browser installed, you can skip to Step 3. You DO NOT need to install it for every quiz.

Step 2: Refresh the Course Page

After you installed Lockdown Browser, it only takes a few seconds, refresh your course page. For most browsers you can press F5 or you can simply click back on your Dashboard in Moodle then click on your course.

Step 3: Launch Lockdown Browser

You will see the same message again, however, you do not need to click the download link. This time select 'Launch LockDown Browser'. Lockdown Browser will open on your device and load the quiz. You may have to log back into Moodle.

Step 4: Submit your Quiz

Once you are finished answering all the questions, you can click Submit on the final page and close Lockdown Browser.