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Exporting your ExamView Question Banks to Moodle



Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Open Question Bank

Open your question bank in ExamView Test Generator. The icon should look similar to the below and be located on your desktop.

Choose Open an existing question bank and browse to your saved question bank,

select it, then choose open.

At this point make sure and read over your questions, answers, and rationales to ensure correctness. 

Step 2: Export Question Bank

Using the top menu, choose File, then Export, and then finally 'Blackboard 6.0-7.0...'. If yours just says 'Blackboard' or only has a single 'Blackboard' option then choose that

Browse to a place on your computer to save the export file, an easy place to remember as you will be needing to locate this file in Step 5. In this example we are choosing our Desktop and giving it a name of 'Exam 4'

When you click save you will presented with another dialog. You only need to fill out the Name and Directory field, will just put 'Exam 4' here as well then click Ok

Step 3: Open your Moodle Course

Now that we have our exported question bank, Login to Moodle and navigate to your course where you wish to import the question bank to.

Step 4: Create Question Bank

Click on the gear icon and choose 'More...'

Scroll down to the 'Question Bank' section and choose 'Categories'

On the next page, scroll down to the bottom section 'Add Category' and type in a name, we will still use 'Exam 4' for this example. Click 'Add Category when finished.

Step 5: Import Questions

In the same window after you you click 'Add Category' from Step 4, click on 'Import'

Select 'Blackboard' in the 'File format' option, then under 'General, ensure you select the category you created in Step 4. Underneath 'Import Category' uncheck the box 'Get category from file'.

Double-check, make sure you selected the right category and unchecked 'Get category from file', if not, you will be trying to hunt those questions down for Step 6.

In the 'Import questions from file' section click on 'Choose a file'

then select 'Upload a file' and then click 'Choose file'

browse to the exported question bank file we created earlier in Step 2. Remember, we chose Desktop so we will go there.

Click on 'Upload this file' within the Moodle dialog

Finally, click on 'Import'. Verify you have the correct file and again, the category selected.

If you get any errors they will be displayed. Make sure you make note of those questions so you can go back at a later time and fix the errors.

Scroll down to the bottom of the import results page and click 'Continue'

Step 6: Add to Quiz

Navigate to the quiz/exam you want to add the imported questions to and click on the activity name itself. When the activity opens, you will see a message 'No questions have been added yet'. Go ahead and click on 'Edit Quiz'

On the right-side select the 'Shuffle' checkbox then select 'Add' and choose 'from question bank'

In the 'Select a category' box choose your Category, remember, ours is called Exam 4

Scroll down to the bottom once the questions are displayed and choose 'Show all 50' , yours can have a different total, it will display the total number of questions in the category. Click the option so that all your questions are shown on the same page.

Now scroll back to the very top and select the 'select all' checkbox. It will select all your questions and check the box next to the question

Once you have them all selected, scroll to the bottom and click 'Add selected questions to the quiz'

All of your questions will now be shown on the quiz, in the question bank order, but because we selected the 'Shuffle' option the student will get them in a shuffled order.

You can now click anywhere to leave quiz edit mode, such as your course name at the top of the page.


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