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Configuring your exam and/or quiz to use Respondus Lockdown browser



Step-by-step guide

There are not any license limits when using Lockdown Browser. You can have it enabled on as many exams/quizzes as you like.

Step 1: Turn Editing On

Navigate to your course where the activity is that wish to enable Lockdown Browser on and click 'Turn editing on'

Step 2: Add the Respondus Block

After you have editing turned on, you will see an 'Add' dropdown on the right-side of your course where you can add different blocks. Click the 'Add...' dropdown and choose 'Respondus Lockdown Browser'.

Step 3: Configure your Quiz

Using the block you just added to your course, click on 'Dashboard...'

Once the Respondus page loads, find your quiz you want to enable Lockdown Browser on and click the dropdown arrow and choose 'Settings'

On the settings page, click 'Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam'. You can also click the + icon for more options

If you want to allow the use of a calculator and/or allow the students to use an iPad select the 'Advanced Settings' + icon and enable the options.

'Advanced Settings'

Step 4: Save and Close

Once you have selected your options, click on 'Save + Close' below the Monitor section. You have enabled 'Lockdown Browser' for your exam/quiz.