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How to Login to your 2nd Cerner Role

Your 1st Cerner role is linked to your Tenet username. Your 2nd Cerner role is an adhoc account, it’s not linked to your Tenet username. Example:


Follow these steps to access your 2nd Cerner role

1.Login to Cerner, Enter your Tenet username and password

2. Click the Manual Login Folder

3. Click the Application for your Second role

4. A login window appears, Enter your 2nd role username and password

  • The first time you login, enter the temporary password provided to you, you will be prompted to create a new password
  • Tip: Use the same password you use for your Tenet password

  • The 2nd Cerner role account is not like your Tenet account, it will not ask you to change your password every 90 days – It will stay the same until you change it in Cerner.
  • Tip: Update your 2nd Cerner role password when you change your Tenet password

  • To change your password:           
  1. Login to your 2nd account
  2. In the Toolbar (upper left side of screen), Click on Task, Click on Change Password
  3. Update your password

If you forgot your password - Call the Hospital’s Clinical Informaticist.


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