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How to create appointment slots on your calendar to allow others to book the time slots



Step-by-step guide

You will use your Campus Account for all actions that a require a login on this page.

Step 1: Login to Campus Email

Open up a web browser and navigate to . Login using your Campus Account

Step 2: Open your Calendar

Click the dots cube at the upper-right side of the page next to our logo and your profile/account

On the menu that just opened, select 'Calendar'

Step 3: Click Create

Click the 'Create' button and choose 'Appointment slots' then click 'More options'

Step 4: Fill out Details

Give it a title, set your dates and times and the duration of each slot and if it is repeating.

Before you click the 'Save' button, right-click the 'This calendars appointment page' and copy the link

Step 5: Send Email to Appointments Page

Now that you have created your appointment slots and have the link to your appointments page, go back to your email

Click on the 'Compose' button in the upper-left side to create a new email message

In the To: field start typing the persons name or course name such as VNSG and it will auto-populate all of the VNSG course email addresses, same for RNSG and RADR, etc..

Fill in the Subject field, then within the body, ensure you paste the link to your appointment page by simply clicking right-click paste.

The url should start with 

You can now add any other information you need to the email and then you can send it off. Your done, your appointment slots are setup.